BC 7/8″ (22mm) 180SC Flex-Hone

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The Flex-Hone® Process (Super finishing) produces a controlled surface condition unobtainable by any other method. It involves finish, geometry and metallurgical structure. A high percentage plateaued surface is produced free of cut, torn and folded metal.


Brush Research Manufacturing standard small diameter Flex Hone tool

The BC Series Flex-Hone tool is designed for use on any type or size of cylinder from 4 mm up to 3″ in diameter. This cylinder hone is designed for surface finishing and cross hole deburring in applications such as brake cylinders, wheel cylinders, hydraulics, pneumatics and valve guides.

Additional abrasive types and grits are available on request.

The Flex-Hone® Tool is a resilient, flexible, honing tool with a soft cutting action. The abrasive globules each have independent suspension that assures the Flex-Hone® to be self-centering, self aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear. Specifically, it is a low-temperature abrading process that exposes the undistributed base metal structure to produce a long wearing surface. It is a method of developing a surface on a metal part which is optically smooth and metallurgically free of any fragmented, amorphous or smeared metal from previous operations. It is accomplished at a low pressure where the “stones” float.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 330 × 150 × 150 mm