Engis HYPREZ® Lapping & Polishing Systems


With Engis HYPREZ Lapping & Polishing Systems, we can engineer the right solution to meet your lapping application challenge. Whether you’re looking for a complete lapping and polishing system or simply a lapping machinelapping plate, diamond slurry or tube of compound, we can satisfy your needs. With decades of experience in lapping and polishing, Engis offers complete solutions which include machine design, machine accessories and consumables that work in harmony achieving the best possible part quality at the lowest overall cost.

Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing systems are capable of consistently generating extreme flatness with 0.5 nm RA surface finishing or better.  Our systems are suitable for processing virtually all solid materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, semiconductor substrates, advanced materials and electro-optical materials.



Engis Solutions For Valve Manufacturers


If you manufacture valves, then you know how important getting a good seal is. Whether it is a gate, ball or butterfly valve, the extreme pressures and corrosive elements that valves are exposed to can create leaks in the system; this can lead to costly onsite repairs.

In some cases, for higher pressure valves or ones exposed to corrosive gases or fluids, a gasket or O-Ring cannot be used as the sealing approach. When two high precision metal surfaces need to be mated, different surface textures are required to avoid galling. Engis Hyprez® Flat Lapping Systems can provide the fits and finishes required for a precision seal that will extend the life of the valve between plant turnarounds. Engis has the complete system, machines, lapping plates, accessories and consumables to get the job done right the first time.

For ball valves, Engis has a complete range of diamond compoundspowdersslurries and lubricants for the precision lapping of balls and seats. Our L compound has provided superior cut rates and finishes for a wide range of seating applications. In addition, our diamond slurries, compounds and lubricants are well known for their quality in the precision polishing of the balls themselves.

Engis is also a leader in complete systems for the lapping of mechanical seals. Not only do we work with the original seal manufacturers, but provide machines, accessories and consumables to repair facilities as well as a hand lapping kit for onsite work in the field.

To learn how Engis assisted Morgan Advanced Materials in improving their processing of ceramic mechanical seals click here.