Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve

Confirm Clamp Stroke Position Pneumatically

With the increasing use of automation it is becoming important to get positive confirmation of part status in your hydraulic fixture design.  The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve allows designers to build in a simple check for proper part loading before or after clamping.

The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve confirms the stage of loading before or after clamping. It is adaptable to multiple devices including: swing clamps, link clamps, cylinders and supports. Avoid machine crashes by confirming specific actions before you cycle your machine. It is designed to be used in both coolant and dry environments, and is easily mounted either vertically or horizontally. Confirmation at its finest!

  • Easily fine tune to your fixture giving you a choice of set and differential pressure.
  • Confirm signal is based on restricting air flow when tested function is present.
  • Over-travel sensing will reopen if a device depresses plunger too far on over travel models.
  • Pneumatic Confirmation Valve can be used with almost any clamping device.
  • Can help you detect missing or misloaded parts.
  • Remote venting recommended in coolant applications.

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Link:  Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve (PDF)

EMO Preview: In the Port Sequence + Flow Control Valves





Vektek at EMO 2019
Hall 5 Booth G78

In The Port Sequence Valves

Control Sequencing of Individual Devices

  • Installs directly into device port, requires manifold mounting.
  • Works with Top and Bottom Flange Swing Clamps, Link Clamps and High Capacity Work Supports.
  • Controls timing of individual devices on your fixture.
  • Each valve can be individually fine tuned from the factory preset.
  • True sequencing design allows full system pressure downstream of valve after opening.
  • Maintains pressure upstream while device actuates.
  • Three pressure ranges available with adjustability within each range.*
  • Can be added after the fixture is built to assure proper sequencing.
  • Use with single or double acting clamps;
    in clamp port, unclamp port, or both.
  • Internal reverse free flow check valve allows for faster return.
  • Accessories available; Pressure pre-set block and in-line adapter block.

* Number of sequences within each range depends on number of devices, pump flow & operating pressure.


In The Port Precision Flow Control Valve

Control Speed of Individual Devices

  • Use with single or double acting clamps.
  • Meter-in flow control with reverse free flow check valve.
  • Smallest high-pressure flow control valve on the market.
  • Prevent component cam damage from unexpected or accidental surges in flow rate.
  • Adjusting screw is positively retained and will not come out under pressure.
  • Integral reverse free flow check valve for use with single or double acting clamps.
  • Flow control requires the use of manifold mount ports.


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EMO Preview: High Capacity + Part Present Sensing Work Supports




Vektek at EMO 2019
Hall 5 Booth G78

New for EMO Vektek introduces Work Supports with up to 3X capacity at 350 Bar!

Plungers stay retracted during part loading. Hydraulic pressure advances the plunger exerting only spring force as it makes contact with the part. Hydraulic pressure then automatically sequences, “freezing” the plunger, to properly support the part.

  • Available in 8kN (M26) or 15.5kN (M35) capacity.
  • Order with base or cartridge only.
  • Ventless configuration and built in wipers protect the plunger movement from chips and debris.
  • Base is compatible with Vektek’s In The Port Flow Control & In The Port Sequence Valves.
  • Uses Vektek’s BHC technology to guard against corrosion.
  • O-Ring face seal design makes machining cavities easier.

Standard G Series porting and alternate O-Ring manifold face seal is located in the base of the support flange for bolt down installation. Cartridge mount, 3 or 4 bolt flange options available.


High Capacity Part Present Sensing Work Supports!

Confirm part is present and contacted even on as-cast surfaces!

Plungers stay retracted during part loading while air flow travels through the work support. Hydraulic pressure advances the plunger exerting only spring force as it makes contact with the part. This closes the integral air valve to indicate part is present and contacted. Hydraulic pressure then automatically sequences, “freezing” the plunger.

  • All the details stated above – plus…
  • Once support is locked, air sensing positively confirms both contact and part present.
  • Use Vektek’s Air Sensing Control Kit 45-0824-00 for easy setup.
  •  Max air operating pressure is 1 bar.


Visit the Vektek Booth at the EMO at Hall 5, Stand G78



Vektek VersaCam™ vs. TuffCam™ Comparison

Explore the distinct differences between these two offerings with this product information update. Below we present to you the technical information and details to identify which of our industry leading clamps are right for your application.

Common Benefits of VersaCam™ and TuffCam™ Swing Clamps :

  • Hardened Chrome Alloy steel plungers run longer with less wear or drag than our competitors.
  • Proprietary seal designs reduce leakage and increase seal life for longer lasting, more dependable operation.
  • Exclusive BHC™ (Black Hard Coating – Rockwell 60C surface hardness) on cylinder bodies and rod bearing surfaces.

Comparison of Key Features :

Versatile SwingDedicated Swing
Vektek VersaCam
Vektek TuffCam
The VersaCam™ Swing Clamp utilizes a single ball configuration with a versatile left swing, right swing, and straight pull options in one clamp.The TuffCam™ Swing Clamp is designed with a three ball configuration. Available in either right or left swing.
- Threaded Body- Threaded Body
- Long Stroke- Top Flange
- Flow Control- Top Flange Long Stroke
- Top Flange- Bottom Flange
- Bottom Flange- Bottom Flange Long Stroke
- Cartridge- Cartridge
- More Info- Rod Position Sensing System
- Magnetic Position Sensing System
- Low Profile Top Flange
- Low Profile Bottom Flange
- Low Profile Rod Position Sensing
- Low Profile Magnetic Position Sensing
- More Info


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