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JBO is an international leader in thread processing and thread testing technology. Since six generations JBO has developed and produced their products without compromise at Albstadt, Germany. For almost one hundred years, JBO has specialised in threads, allowing customers worldwide to profit from their extensive knowledge. An important factor for JBO’s success is the special machinery that they continue to develop for the efficient manufacture of thread cutting dies and thread gauges.

It is a priority for JBO to react to the challenges and requirements of our customers and to market demands. Continual innovation, quality products, a passionate commitment to service, active process management, high standards and cost effective solutions are the cornerstones of the company philosophy. The competence and commitment of the employees enables JBO to achieve these goals successfully and continuously.  It is of vital importance for JBO to provide customers – today and in the future – with solutions which are more sophisticated, more efficient and more economical and stay in line with market needs.

Thread Milling Cutters

Long time life, shortest processing times and an excellent surface quality – these are just three advantages of our solid carbide thread milling cutters, -wide range thread milling cutters, -drill thread milling cutters and indexable thread milling cutters.

Do you need special thread milling cutters? No problem!
We analyze your process of machining and work out a cost and quality optimized solution

General advantages of thread milling:

  • Threads to different tolerance classes can be produced with same cutter
  • Tool breakage does not necessarily entail scrapping of the workpiece
  • Less power needed for cutting internal threads
  • Short machining times due to high cutting speeds
  • Excellent thread surface finish
  • Short chips, hence no chip problems
  • Right and left hand threads can be produced in blind or through holes by the same cutter
  • Low cutting forces enable threads to be cut in thin wall workpieces
  • Cutting speeds and feeds can be matched individually to workpiece material
  • No change of cutter spindle direction of rotation required
  • No special tapping chucks required, standard chucks suffice
  • Threads can be cut to exact depth
  • Threads can be cut down to near bottom of blind holes
  • Start of thread accurately determined by NC programme


Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters & Combination Tools

The bell cutters were developed for workpieces in mass production. Long tool life and very high surface finishes of the threads produced characterize the bell thread milling cutters.  Depending on the workpiece / material / batch size, we offer proven bell form thread milling cutters with exchangeable inserts (GFG-WP) for the processing of non-ferrous metals or recommend our bell-thread milling cutters with exchangeable milling inserts (GFG-WFE) for processing a wide range of steel materials.

Combination Tools

To save on production costs, there are several options available which have different effects on the total costs. By combining different work processes in one tool, the total processing time can be reduced, regardless of technological limits.

Our combination tools are customized according to customer needs and workpieces.
If you are interested, please contact our technical sales team for more information.


High Performance Thread Cutting Dies

The high performance thread cutting dies constitute the core product of JBO. For more than 100 years, the technical know-how of countless employees has been incorporated into this product. Thereby these high performance tools have been improved and the number of variants rose. This is reflected in the quality of the cut thread, in service life and of course in the special geometries for different materials . All together ensures the optimal use of the tools at our broad range of customers, contributing significantly to their success.

General advantages of JBO Precision Thread Cutting Dies:

  • JBO is the leading European manufacturer of thread cutting dies
  • Unsurpassed surface finish of thread flanks and cutting edges
  • More than 10,000 sizes and types of dies kept in stock for all kinds of threads ranging from 1 to 250 mm diameter
  • We can supply HSS, HSSE or carbide thread cutting dies, matched to the particular workpiece material and application in each case
  • Far-reaching experience in the range of special threads


High Performance Thread Rolling Dies

The high performance thread rolling dies allow the non-cutting production of external threads. These tools offer the advantage over rolling heads of different manufacturers that small to medium thread diameters can easily be switched to this technology, since the JBO high performance thread rolling dies need the smallest available space. This makes it possible to work with components with contiguous contours as well as on small lathes.

General advantages of JBO High Performance Thread Rolling Dies:

  • Rolled threads have a significantly higher strength
  • No chips that can damage the component
  • Excellent thread surface
  • Minimal space requirement due to the smallest possible dimensions
  • Cost-effective alternative to commercially available rolling heads

Precision Thread Gauges

Gauges produced to the reduced tolerance wherever permitted by the overall gauge tolerance
Advantages of JBO Precision Thread Gauges:
  • Optimum surface finish on thread flanks and high hardness of thread flanks result in outstanding resistance to wear and long gauge life
  • Repeated tempering after the annealing process guarantees high form stability and dimensional stability
  • Large stocks covering more than 10,000 different thread dimensions and tolerances for quick delivery
  • We are the market leaders with our exceptional stock holding and variety of thread sizes
  • Complete range of gauges covering all kinds of threads from 0.5 – 300 mm diameter
  • Gauges are supplied in individual transparent packing for permanent protection
  • Inspection certificate on request