ENGIS: Webb Space Telescope

Webb Space Telescope


Engis Corporation technology has contributed to the powerful cutting-edge technology that is enabling the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope to answer questions about our solar system, study exoplanets in new ways, and look deeper into the universe than we’ve ever been able to.

Much of what powers JWST’s ability to see deep into space comes from its 21-foot-wide primary mirror which is comprised of 18 segments made from Beryllium.

Beryllium is a light metal that is very strong for its weight and is good at holding its shape across a range of temperatures. Because beryllium is very difficult to grind and polish, diamond machining processes were used to fabricate the mirror segments. Before the segments were coated with a thin layer of gold the segments were polished by L3 Tinsley Laboratories using specially developed Engis diamond abrasive products.

A downloadable media video of the mirror is available at https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/13358

Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co.

Engis Corporation subsidiary the Helical Lap and Manufacturing Company (HLC) specialises in the manufacture of manual internal and external laps and abrasives.  Solutions from Helical Lap are ideal for low volume high precision work that requires finishes down to the micron level.

Aerospace Applications

aerospace-1HLC provides tools for precision I.D. and O.D. finishing for major commercial aircraft and defence industry part suppliers. Their extensive industry knowledge also supports the demanding requirements for overhaul and repair of components for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Helical Lap tools are in use worldwide by commercial airlines, military, OEMs, major MRO repair facilities and sub-contract vendors for lapping a number of high technology components. The following is a list of typical aircraft components which utilise Helical Lap tools:

  • Landing Gearaerospace-2
  • Fuel Supply Controls
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Servo Controls
  • Helicopter Rotor Components

Ultra Precision Machining

Applications requiring ultra-precise roundness, concentricity, and cylindricity are well suited for Helical Expanding Cast Iron Laps. Holding tolerances on diameter size and cylindricity to the sub-micron level is routinely achieved. Tools can be made as small as .043 up to 6 inches in diameter and as long as 14 inches. Tools can be used for a wide range of materials including nonmetallic, non-ferrous, and ceramics. We can help you choose the right products and provide guidance on the best techniques for your application.

Hydraulic Components

hydraulic-1Helical Lap tools can generate dimensional stability and precise bore geometry meeting the requirements needed for exceptional accuracy and control in the most demanding servo control systems. We provide the tools that enable our customers to meet the stringent requirements for tight tolerance and matched set componentry.

Diesel Remanufacturing

Helical Laps are designed to increase the efficiency of your lapping process combined with process repeatability and quality. We can provide a cost effective solution to help you stay competitive when alternative machining methods are too expensive or incapable of achieving the required tolerances.

Please contact us for any information you require on Helical Lap solutions for your manufacturing needs.

Engis HYPREZ® Lapping & Polishing Systems


With Engis HYPREZ Lapping & Polishing Systems, we can engineer the right solution to meet your lapping application challenge. Whether you’re looking for a complete lapping and polishing system or simply a lapping machinelapping plate, diamond slurry or tube of compound, we can satisfy your needs. With decades of experience in lapping and polishing, Engis offers complete solutions which include machine design, machine accessories and consumables that work in harmony achieving the best possible part quality at the lowest overall cost.

Engis Flat Lapping and Polishing systems are capable of consistently generating extreme flatness with 0.5 nm RA surface finishing or better.  Our systems are suitable for processing virtually all solid materials, including metals, ceramics, glass, semiconductor substrates, advanced materials and electro-optical materials.