WANGEN: Hygenic Progressive Cavity Pump


Hygienic conveying and dosing applications in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industry

The WANGEN MX progressing cavity pump precisely fulfills the demanding requirements of the food, pharma and cosmetics industries. State-of-the-art design features allow excellent ease of cleaning and maintenance. The pump is available with all common certifications.  And thanks to its great pressure stability, the MX can also be used in many ways in the chemical, paint and paper industries, among others.

Design Features:

  • Modular design
  • Quick to disassemble, e.g. due to clamp locks
  • Robust cardan joint with hygienic joint liner
  • EvenWall® stators with even elastomer wall thickness
  • Solid bearing housing with generous sealing space


  • 10 bar per pressure stage thanks to EvenWall® technology
  • Compact dimensions with high pressures
  • Gentle product delivery
  • Quick and easy cleaning, CIP and SIP capable
  • Low dead space, hygienic design
  • Easy to service

Please contact us for more information on WANGEN Pumps for any of  your requirements in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries.