Moog GAT GmbH


Moog GAT GmbH
Industriestraße 11
D – 65366 Geisenheim (Germany)


Moog GAT develops and manufactures rotary unions, slip rings, air bearings and torsion motors for a wide range of industrial applications.  Their extraordinary reputation rests on convincing concepts and sophisticated technology.  “Made in Germany” – MOOG GAT manufactures exclusively in Geisenheim, Germany! Certified quality and ultimate accuracy of all components are a top priority.

Explore world class solutions for your applications with Moog GAT!

Rotary Unions

Rotary Unions (also: Rotary Joints, Rotating Unions) are required for the transfer of media between stationary and rotating machine parts in almost all branches of industry. Media e. g. oil, water, grease, emulsion as well as (compressed) air, gas or vacuum.

Slip Rings

Slip Rings are used wherever electric currents or signals need to be transmitted from a stationary machine element to a rotating shaft or vice versa.  Field buses and Ethernet are used for industrial communication.  Depending on the operating conditions, different requirements are placed on a Slip Ring.

Combined Systems

Rotary Union and Slip Ring as a combined rotary transmission system. GAT’s ROTOKOMBI system allows all rotary union and slip ring types to be combined. The result is a complete rotary transmission system from a single source, with perfectly matched interfaces.



Steel Industries

Packaging Industries

Machine Tool Industries

Wind Power

Oil & Gas Industry