Cool Clean COOLMASTER : Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting, otherwise known as dry ice cleaning, is a more aggressive form of precision cleaning using dry ice pellets instead of CO2 snow. The latest in dry ice blasting technology, the COOLMASTER by Cool Clean Technologies was developed with the aim of permanently changing the cleaning industry. The COOLMASTER is a product which sets new cleaning standards in all industries.

The COOLMASTER starts where other cleaning methods and devices reach their limits. Unbeatable for flexibility and range of application, the COOLMASTER is perfect for removing contaminants in all sectors. Particles of various sizes, surfaces and degrees of soiling are cleaned efficiently and powerfully, yet gentle to the material with the COOLMASTER.

The COOLMASTER saves resources and is less time consuming than traditional cleaning methods. The COOLMASTER reduces the downtime of machines, as they often do not need to be dismantled, and can be cleaned right in place. The COOLMASTER sets itself apart with its ergonomic, modern design and provides the new standard in quality and performance, while improving economic efficiency!