Custom FLEX-HONE® Tools


Brush Research Manufacturing understands that some deburring and surface finishing applications require nonstandard Flex-Hones. We are happy to provide you with custom Flex-Hone® Tools.  With the outstanding reputation of the standard Flex-Hones, you can be sure that your custom Flex-Hone® will live up to that reputation as well. We will gladly manufacture Flex-Hone® Tools according to your specifications.

Typical Applications Include:

Automotive Applications
+ Piston Pin Bore
+ Engine Cylinders
+ Block Liners
+ Valve Guides
+ Cam Bearing Bore
+ Crank Bores
+ Brake Cylinders
+ Clutch and Brake Master Cylinders
+ Brake Rotors
+ Connecting Rods

Marine Applications
+ Main Engines
+ Generator Engines
+ Hydraulic Cylinders
+ Air Intake Lines

Oil and Gas Applications
Fluid Power Applications
Aerospace Applications

Industrial Applications
+ Air Compressors
+ Hydraulic Ram Cylinders
+ Hydraulic Motor Bodies
+ Pneumatic Cylinders
+ Valve Housings
+ Pump Housings
+ Surface Finishing of Boiler Components
+ Compressed Air Tool Bodies
+ Finishing of Stainless Steel Tubing
+ Mechanical Decontamination of Nuclear Tube Sheets

Please contact us for any information you require for a custom solution!