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Cool Clean Technologies
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Since 2001, “We Were Clean Before Clean Was Cool.”

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Surface Preparation and Cleaning

Cool Clean specializes in automated CO2 cleaning for various automotive components and systems. CO2 spray technology is a waterless, no-touch cleaning solution that removes particles and residues from automotive parts prior to painting/coating, electronics, and optics. Specifically in electric vehicle production, CO2 cleans without the use of solvents for battery components, such as panel and tray dividers, housings, battery boxes, and other high voltage components. CO2 spray leaves parts clean, dry, and able to move immediately into the next assembly or manufacturing step.

Dry Machining and CO2 Through Tool Cooling

Dry machining with CO2 cooling essentially means that there is no more messy flood coolant. Machining using CO2 cooling enables the tool to remain at near ambient temperature, which increases tool life and cutting speeds compared to MQL and dry processes. The effect of CO2 aims to offset the heat generated during the machining process and works especially well on materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and other hard materials. Cool Clean’s CO2 coolant delivery systems are helping to produce safer and cleaner work environments.

Custom / Automated Solutions

Custom solutions are tailored to meet the specific challenge facing the customer. The goal is to enhance the capability of our CO2 technologies by implementing standalone units, automated cells, turnkey projects, and inline solutions. Automating the cleaning process over a manual appraoch has shown increased efficiency for operations, faster cleaning times, reduced footprint from traditional cleaning, repeatable results, and saves labor. Cool Clean builds the custom solution to fit your specific application and need, while maintaining low operating costs.

Liquid CO2 Extraction, Cleaning, and Sterilization

Liquid CO2, or LCO2, can be used as an excellent cleaner, sterilizer, and extractor. LCO2 is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, odorless, and eco-friendly (acquired from recycled sources). CO2 extraction technology is improving the way oils are extracted from outgassing, botanical, and silicone applications. The materials are exposed to liquid CO2 under carefully controlled conditions without added hazardous solvents. Liquid CO2 extraction, cleaning, and sterilization equipment uses a closed loop system that recovers 98% of the CO2 used in the process, for additional cycles.