ENGIS: Wafer Grinding Solutions

Presenting a fully automated wafer grinding solution for hard-to-grind materials from Engis Corporation, USA.   This state-of-the-art offering, with fully automatic enhanced multi-spindle grinding system (Engis’s Hyprez® EAG Model), provides a low capital and operating expenditure solution for high precision wafering, giving an economic benefit to customers.

The machine includes non-contact, in-situ thickness measurement techniques for targeted wafer thickness control. The aim is to produce ultra-flat wafers in a fully automatic cassette-to-cassette operation for grinding SiC wafers on both sides and to develop tailored ‘Grind-to-CMP Processes’ for all wafers sliced by any wafering techniques.


Please contact us for more information on Wafer Processing Systems from Engis Corp. USA.