KURT CarvLock® CTHDL Manual Cluster Towers

Kurt® Workholding’s CarvLock® CTHDL manual cluster towers are designed for use with mid-size and larger CNC machining centers, including horizontal and vertical machining centers with a fourth axis and/or indexable tables. These manually operated, eight station vise towers are capable of producing up to 7,460 lbs. of clamping force at just 70 ft-lbs. of torque. They provide exceptional workpiece immobility while dampening cutter-induced vibration. Ductile iron column construction ensures strength, rigidity, and long term accuracy.

A self-adjusting holding block on either the front jaw or back jaw allows for easy clamping of same or differently-sized parts. To provide faster operation, an adjustable pre-load feature reduces the number of handle turns required for opening and closing the clamping stations.

With eighteen CTHDL models available, with 4” or 6” jaws, it’s easy to find the right manual cluster tower for your unique workholding needs. Order the CarvLock® CTHDL cluster tower your application requires, or contact Kurt Workholding for more information.

See individual product listings for additional information and specifications. All models are protected by Kurt’s Lifetime Iron Clad Warranty.


Product Information:

Kurt® Workholding’s CarvLock® CTHDL Manual Cluster Towers


Cool Clean COOLMASTER : Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting, otherwise known as dry ice cleaning, is a more aggressive form of precision cleaning using dry ice pellets instead of CO2 snow. The latest in dry ice blasting technology, the COOLMASTER by Cool Clean Technologies was developed with the aim of permanently changing the cleaning industry. The COOLMASTER is a product which sets new cleaning standards in all industries.

The COOLMASTER starts where other cleaning methods and devices reach their limits. Unbeatable for flexibility and range of application, the COOLMASTER is perfect for removing contaminants in all sectors. Particles of various sizes, surfaces and degrees of soiling are cleaned efficiently and powerfully, yet gentle to the material with the COOLMASTER.

The COOLMASTER saves resources and is less time consuming than traditional cleaning methods. The COOLMASTER reduces the downtime of machines, as they often do not need to be dismantled, and can be cleaned right in place. The COOLMASTER sets itself apart with its ergonomic, modern design and provides the new standard in quality and performance, while improving economic efficiency!



Vektek New Products: IMTS 2018

Vektek released 12 New product lines shown this year at IMTS Chicago 2018.
Download the New Products PDF to review all the latest releases.

In The Port Sequence Valves
High Capacity Work Supports
Block Body Pull Cylinders
…and much MORE!

Please contact us for more information on any of these new products.