HORN: Form Boring System 117

Custom Form Boring Tools with System 117

Horn offers customised form inserts based on the 117 tool system for use on turning and mill-turn centres.  This offers the possibility of shortening machining times and improved process efficiency.



Horn offers custom profile inserts on request to suit your application requirements.







Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co.

Engis Corporation subsidiary the Helical Lap and Manufacturing Company (HLC) specialises in the manufacture of manual internal and external laps and abrasives.  Solutions from Helical Lap are ideal for low volume high precision work that requires finishes down to the micron level.

Aerospace Applications

aerospace-1HLC provides tools for precision I.D. and O.D. finishing for major commercial aircraft and defence industry part suppliers. Their extensive industry knowledge also supports the demanding requirements for overhaul and repair of components for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Helical Lap tools are in use worldwide by commercial airlines, military, OEMs, major MRO repair facilities and sub-contract vendors for lapping a number of high technology components. The following is a list of typical aircraft components which utilise Helical Lap tools:

  • Landing Gearaerospace-2
  • Fuel Supply Controls
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Servo Controls
  • Helicopter Rotor Components

Ultra Precision Machining

Applications requiring ultra-precise roundness, concentricity, and cylindricity are well suited for Helical Expanding Cast Iron Laps. Holding tolerances on diameter size and cylindricity to the sub-micron level is routinely achieved. Tools can be made as small as .043 up to 6 inches in diameter and as long as 14 inches. Tools can be used for a wide range of materials including nonmetallic, non-ferrous, and ceramics. We can help you choose the right products and provide guidance on the best techniques for your application.

Hydraulic Components

hydraulic-1Helical Lap tools can generate dimensional stability and precise bore geometry meeting the requirements needed for exceptional accuracy and control in the most demanding servo control systems. We provide the tools that enable our customers to meet the stringent requirements for tight tolerance and matched set componentry.

Diesel Remanufacturing

Helical Laps are designed to increase the efficiency of your lapping process combined with process repeatability and quality. We can provide a cost effective solution to help you stay competitive when alternative machining methods are too expensive or incapable of achieving the required tolerances.

Please contact us for any information you require on Helical Lap solutions for your manufacturing needs.

OMG BAH Series: Big Angle Head Series for Big Industry

The BAH Series of Angle Heads from OMG srl, Italy are designed and built to satisfy the tooling requirements of very large machines used in a variety of industries: Heavy goods vehicles, Aeronautics, Shipping, Military, Railroad, Energy, Moulds and Automotive.

To build these types of products, one needs design expertise, thorough knowledge of the product itself and related problems, investment strength, specific machine tools and equipment as well as highly qualified personnel. The applied technology, the materials, the parts and assembly all ensure top levels; the certified static and dynamic
tests guarantee the best possible performance over time.

They are usually special products, tailor-made for the specific requirements of the manufacturer of machine tools or for retrofitting machines already at work in the specific industries. The main features of these products may be summarised as follows:

  • Body made of cast iron or obtained from the full piece to ensure maximum precision and stability
  • Motion transmitted by means of Gleason ground involute gears. The transmission ratio is normally 1:1, but it may be in both multiplication and in reduction based on torque transmission requirements
  • Standard tool-holder couplings: DIN69871 – DIN 2080 – BT – HSK – Coromant Capto or others on request
  • Tool holder can be locked on the spindle in two ways: manually or automatically. If automatic, it is locked mechanically and released hydraulically
  • Coolant may be supplied in the centre of the tool holder. The pressure currently reached is 70 Bar and the tool holder is cleaned with air. Whatever the case, there are always some turning nozzles around the spindle

Furthermore, the spindle is always pressurised to avoid intrusions

  • Spindle oblique contact precision bearings lubricated with long life grease
  • Gears normally lubricated with grease separated from the grease of the bearings. For high speeds, the lubrication system is oil circulation
  • The axes of the heads with automatic rotation are locked by means of Hirth crowns, with standard division of 2.5° and 1° on request
  • All the electrical control devices on the axes and the spindles are inside the head and are easily accessed.

These products are tested statically on 3D measuring machines and dynamically, at the agreed rates, on our BP05 test bench that fully simulates the conditions of use in compliance with the product standards.


GAT Rotary Unions & Slip Rings for Machine Tools

GAT manufactures Rotary Unions, Slip Rings and Combinations for Machine Tool applications such as coolant through spindles, coolant supply for powered tool heads, hydraulic chuck actuation, media supply for rotary tables, swivelling spindle axis etc.  Cut operating costs with GAT rotary unions and slip rings. Carefully selected sealing systems and state-of-the-art technology ensure maximum operational safety.

Uncompromised Reliability

Extremely compact design of rotary unions and slip rings. Suitable for a great variety of media, flow rates, pressures and electrical transmission. Machine tools fitted with GAT products prove to be reliable equipment.

Optimally Adjusted to your Processes

Axial mechanical seals, contactless gap seal technology or elastomer seals. Individual solutions or complete systems. GAT offers powerful transmission technology – custom-made for your requirements.

Tried-and-proven solutions

GAT ensures that your production runs smoothly by maintaining a reliable coolant flow at all times. GAT products are subject to continuous development, always representing cutting-edge technology.

Application Example : ROTODISK S1-AK

Rotary Union ROTODISK S 
Speed [rpm] 20,000
Sealing system Axial Mechanical Seal
Highlights Suitable for operation with up to 3 media
Number of channels 1
Medium Emulsion Air Oil-air mixture
Pressure [bar] 80 10 10


Please contact us for any of your Rotary Union requirements.


New MAPAL Tool Holders Programme

At a Glance
  • New design concept for chucks with added value
  • Brilliant surface finish and clear handling information
  • Expansion to the entire chuck programme planned
  • Corrosion-resistant chucks
  • Self-explanatory, straightforward handling – foolproof
  • Greatest possible stability with optimal usage of resources

Carefully considered Design taps Potential

Not only the appearance of the chucks was revised, above all added value for the customer was to be generated by means of carefully considered industrial design. Why? An ingenious design is not only a visual highlight, it also taps economic and ecological potential. Starting from this point, the product designers prepared, together with those responsible for the products at MAPAL, a new concept that is also based on function and FEM analyses.

The chucks designed according to this concept shine proverbially with a new brilliance. One of the elements in the new concept is the brilliant surface finish. This surface finish, produced by a specially developed polishing method, ensures that the chucks are more resistant to corrosion than in the past.

Easy, Self-explanatory “foolproof” Handling

A further requirement on the new design was so-called “foolproof handling”; that is the easy, self-explanatory handling of the chucks. Controls were to be identifiable as such more quickly with directly understandable handling information. These requirements were addressed, on the one hand, by the blue colour for the controls, such as the actuating screw on a hydraulic chuck and, on the other hand, by internally developed symbols that contain corresponding information, independent of the related language.

Last but not least the shape of the chucks, their weight and use of material were studied and optimised. The new shape addresses the requirements for the greatest possible stability with optimal usage of resources. Even the smallest weight savings on chucks have major effects that become apparent in use over the long term. Among other aspects, the lighter the chuck, the less energy is required during the acceleration and braking of the spindle.

Corporate design creates Recognition

Due to the new corporate design, the complete clamping technology range can be immediately identified as a MAPAL product – with a promise of quality and function.