Waterless Cleaning and Surface Pre-treatment for Parts Prior to Painting

Cleaning and surface preparation prior to painting, coating, varnishing, bonding and welding is of critical importance in a wide range of industries. Manufacturers have unwanted contaminants on the surface of the part that must be removed prior to painting, coating and varnishing. Common surface preparation defects include dust, residues, particles, mold release agents, and other contaminants. The traditional surface pre-treatment process technologies are aqueous-based cleaning, manual solvent hand wipe operations, and air blow systems.

Aqueous-based cleaning systems require a large footprint and large quantities of water and detergents, while requiring a large electric energy demand and wastewater handling system. Manual hand wipe systems demand a trained workforce using solvent dipped rags which yields inconsistent cleaning results. Air blow systems do not have the cleaning force to remove heavier dusts and contaminants from the surface, affecting the bond adhesion.

CO2 spray cleaning systems provide cost effective no-touch cleaning technology that can be dropped into many production lines with a fraction of the footprint. Because the primary cleaning agent is solid CO2 particles, or snow, which sublimes upon contact with the surface, there is no cleaning agent residues to manage. The cleaning spray can be combined with an integrated solvent injection to modify the chemistry of the cleaning spray. CO2 spray used in conjunction with atmospheric plasma and ionized air de-static systems can provide additional surface preparation capability.

CO2 is non-abrasive, won’t cause any damage to the surface, and is a green alternative that is safe for workers. Cool Clean’s CO2 spray cleaning systems are being implemented as an automated tool that integrates into the specific line, requiring no loss of production and improves on efficiency. This waterless cleaning process requires no post drying after the cleaning stage, allowing parts to move directly to a painting/coating step. A multiple nozzle CO2 spray works seamlessly with existing robotics providing complete coverage of the part, ensuring a high quality clean finish.

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