JBO: Custom Precision Thread Gauges

Special Thread Gauges and Inspection Machine Mountings

We are pleased to offer special custom precision gauges and inspection machine mountings from Johs Boss GmbH & Co KG, Germany.  Thread gauges are used to measure various types of threads.  Plug gauges are used to measure internal threads and Ring gauges are used to measure external threads.

Examples of special gauges are shown below.



GO/NO GO thread plug gauge and GO thread ring gauge for customer-specific 3-starts special thread.


Multiple GO thread plug gauge and GO thread ring gauge M 12.5 x 6 P 0.75 – 6g (8-starts). Maximum quality with ground thread.


GO/NO GO thread plug gauge and GO thread ring gauge for customer-specific asymmetric special thread.


The coordinate gauge rod determines the position of an internal thread via a 3D measuring machine.



GO/NO GO thread plug gauge with increased stem diameter for checking small, deep seated threads.


GO thread ring gauge with DLC coating provides outstanding wear.


Gauge for checking the minimum bore diameter and concentricity of the bore with an internal thread.

JBO Calibration Services for Thread Gauges

If you require thread gauges with a documented calibration certificate, JBO issues a calibration certificate generated in their metrology laboratory. The inspection is carried out in accordance to determined directives, for e.g. acc. DAkkS-DKD-R 4-3 page 4.8/4.9 and is adapted to the intended standards and factory standards of each test item (DIN, ISO, ANSI, etc.).

The scope of testing (see index “Order-Code”), the exact specification, the uncertainty of measurement and the type of inspection are always completely described on the calibration certificate. The traceability to national and international standards is guaranteed. Therefor our standards are recalibrated regularly by an accredited calibration laboratory. On request we supply DAkkS-certifcates or certificates established by an accredited partner-laboratory.

Please contact us for any special gauge requirement.  Our team will be happy to help you with more information.