GAT Rotary Unions & Slip Rings for Machine Tools

GAT manufactures Rotary Unions, Slip Rings and Combinations for Machine Tool applications such as coolant through spindles, coolant supply for powered tool heads, hydraulic chuck actuation, media supply for rotary tables, swivelling spindle axis etc.  Cut operating costs with GAT rotary unions and slip rings. Carefully selected sealing systems and state-of-the-art technology ensure maximum operational safety.

Uncompromised Reliability

Extremely compact design of rotary unions and slip rings. Suitable for a great variety of media, flow rates, pressures and electrical transmission. Machine tools fitted with GAT products prove to be reliable equipment.

Optimally Adjusted to your Processes

Axial mechanical seals, contactless gap seal technology or elastomer seals. Individual solutions or complete systems. GAT offers powerful transmission technology – custom-made for your requirements.

Tried-and-proven solutions

GAT ensures that your production runs smoothly by maintaining a reliable coolant flow at all times. GAT products are subject to continuous development, always representing cutting-edge technology.

Application Example : ROTODISK S1-AK

Rotary Union ROTODISK S 
Speed [rpm] 20,000
Sealing system Axial Mechanical Seal
Highlights Suitable for operation with up to 3 media
Number of channels 1
Medium Emulsion Air Oil-air mixture
Pressure [bar] 80 10 10


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