Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve

Confirm Clamp Stroke Position Pneumatically

With the increasing use of automation it is becoming important to get positive confirmation of part status in your hydraulic fixture design.  The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve allows designers to build in a simple check for proper part loading before or after clamping.

The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve confirms the stage of loading before or after clamping. It is adaptable to multiple devices including: swing clamps, link clamps, cylinders and supports. Avoid machine crashes by confirming specific actions before you cycle your machine. It is designed to be used in both coolant and dry environments, and is easily mounted either vertically or horizontally. Confirmation at its finest!

  • Easily fine tune to your fixture giving you a choice of set and differential pressure.
  • Confirm signal is based on restricting air flow when tested function is present.
  • Over-travel sensing will reopen if a device depresses plunger too far on over travel models.
  • Pneumatic Confirmation Valve can be used with almost any clamping device.
  • Can help you detect missing or misloaded parts.
  • Remote venting recommended in coolant applications.

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Link:  Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve (PDF)