KURT: 45-Degree Pyramid Workholding Bundles

NEW 45-Degree Pyramid Workholding Bundles With Standard Kurt Vises For 5 Axis Machining.

The Kurt platform was so well received by the machining industry in 2019, that they have developed a pre-engineered pyramid platform which is standard and accommodates 12 different vise models. These convenient configurations come bundled with the 45-degree pyramid along with 3 Kurt vises ready for mounting to machine table and handle parts from 2” up to 7”.

The Kurt pyramid workholding bundles facilitate clamping of three individual components in one fixture and completed in a single setup. And provide maximum access to all machined surfaces and allows for enhanced spindle and cutting tool clearance.

Kurt vises matched for the pyramid include self-centering and dovetail models: HP420, HP420C, HP420D, HP440, HP440C, HP440D, HP460, HP460C, HP460D, SCMX250, SCMX425, DTR20. Each bundle package comes complete with 45-degree pyramid, 3 vises mounted, and optional base plate for final mounting on machine table. Options include soft jaws for machining odd shaped profiles into the jaws, hard jaws, and a riser base model for even more part clearance.

Please contact us for more information on the new Pyramid Workholding systems.