COVID-19: CO2 Cleaning and Decontaminating Solutions


Cool Clean Technologies USA specializes in CO2 cleaning, extraction, and decontamination processes for various industries For example, our CO2 technology and dry ice blasting solutions are enabling our customers to clean surfaces and removes residues very quickly, while also decontaminating surfaces.

Key applications for this technology include all types of molds and dies (injection, extrusion, thermoform, etc.), medical devices and implants, food & beverage equipment, and other essential business, such as public transportation. Let Cool Clean help your business get back on track to providing a safe and clean environment for your employees and customers.

Medical Devices

The Medical Device and Pharmaceutical community are producing medical devices and vital pharmaceuticals to combat the changing landscape. Medical devices today are smaller and more precise, requiring more advanced cleaning or extraction processes. CO2 cleaning removes residues and contamination in a quick manner. Medical facilities with equipment performing molding and parts finishing can be cleaned with less downtime Machines are cleaned in-place, preventing minimal shutdown. Let us help alleviate your cleanliness concerns with our CO2 cleaning solutions. Reach a salesperson today!

Our equipment is being reformatted to clean N95 masks. Over the past month, Cool Clean has been partnering with a national team in the USA to help optimize their Enertia™ liquid CO2 process for the purpose of cleaning N95 respirator masks, so they can be reused safely.

Learn More:  Cool Clean Technologies testing process to clean and sanitize N95 respirator masks for reuse 


Plastics Molding, Deflashing and Deburring

Dry Ice blasting replaces tedious, manual cleaning and deburring processes. Plastic deburring using Cool Clean CO2 technology cleans and deburrs various parts and geometries. Burr removal using CO2 blasting compliments in-process or post-process deflashing and deburring of plastic machined and molded parts, such as PEEK, nylon, ABS, etc. The process uses our high energy nozzle (HEN) to create a focused, powerful spray of CO2 particles blasted at the part, swiftly removing the tiny hairs, or burrs from the component. CO2 blasting can be completely automated to ensure consistent burr elimination. The equipment is harmless to employees and is environmentally safe.

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Food and Beverages

The food and beverages industry is essential for packaging and distributing necessary goods and materials for human consumption. The facilities that operate in this industry are using dry ice blasting to decontaminate processing and production equipment. Cool Clean Dry Ice Blasting ensures clean, hygienic, and contaminant free surfaces. The Food Standards Agency verified that dry ice blasting is effective at decontaminating surfaces and removing bacterial strains and other microorganisms.

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Service Industries

Other businesses deemed essential or have begun opening under strict guidelines, may need to investigate improving cleaning and decontamination procedures. Cool Clean Technologies CO2 spray cleaning systems aim to assist in the opening of businesses. Dry ice blasting for cleaning and refurbishing forklifts, decontaminating rental cars surfaces, historical restoration, and public transportation, to name a few. Key industries are effectively cleaning and decontaminating surface with dry ice blasting.

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