GAT: Rotary Unions for Steel Industry


For 40 years, Moog GAT Rotary Unions have been ensuring the oil and grease supply of coilers. With the high level of reliability required to withstand even high speeds and extreme pressures, thereby supporting the continuously increasing production rates. This has made Moog GAT a worldwide well acknowledged partner of all leading manufacturers of metallurgical and rolling mill technology demanding durable and robust solutions.

Very high production Rates
To meet the demands imposed by increased production rates in steel rolling mills, GAT has developed a rotary union that reliably supplies the coiler with hydraulic oil at high speeds. Minimal friction and wear ensure a very long service life.

High level of Reliability
Rotary unions of the ROTOSTAT N and ROTOSTAT E series are renowned for their extraordinary reliability and unique emergency running properties. The hydrostatically controlled radial gap sealing system is designed for maximum durability with minimal leakage. Costly downtimes are prevented.

Complete System from a Single Source
If different media such as water and grease must be provided, several rotary unions can be combined to ensure reliable transmission.