Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve

Confirm Clamp Stroke Position Pneumatically

With the increasing use of automation it is becoming important to get positive confirmation of part status in your hydraulic fixture design.  The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve allows designers to build in a simple check for proper part loading before or after clamping.

The Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve confirms the stage of loading before or after clamping. It is adaptable to multiple devices including: swing clamps, link clamps, cylinders and supports. Avoid machine crashes by confirming specific actions before you cycle your machine. It is designed to be used in both coolant and dry environments, and is easily mounted either vertically or horizontally. Confirmation at its finest!

  • Easily fine tune to your fixture giving you a choice of set and differential pressure.
  • Confirm signal is based on restricting air flow when tested function is present.
  • Over-travel sensing will reopen if a device depresses plunger too far on over travel models.
  • Pneumatic Confirmation Valve can be used with almost any clamping device.
  • Can help you detect missing or misloaded parts.
  • Remote venting recommended in coolant applications.

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Link:  Vektek Pneumatic Confirmation Valve (PDF)

HORN: Form Boring System 117

Custom Form Boring Tools with System 117

Horn offers customised form inserts based on the 117 tool system for use on turning and mill-turn centres.  This offers the possibility of shortening machining times and improved process efficiency.



Horn offers custom profile inserts on request to suit your application requirements.







Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co.

Engis Corporation subsidiary the Helical Lap and Manufacturing Company (HLC) specialises in the manufacture of manual internal and external laps and abrasives.  Solutions from Helical Lap are ideal for low volume high precision work that requires finishes down to the micron level.

Aerospace Applications

aerospace-1HLC provides tools for precision I.D. and O.D. finishing for major commercial aircraft and defence industry part suppliers. Their extensive industry knowledge also supports the demanding requirements for overhaul and repair of components for helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. Helical Lap tools are in use worldwide by commercial airlines, military, OEMs, major MRO repair facilities and sub-contract vendors for lapping a number of high technology components. The following is a list of typical aircraft components which utilise Helical Lap tools:

  • Landing Gearaerospace-2
  • Fuel Supply Controls
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Servo Controls
  • Helicopter Rotor Components

Ultra Precision Machining

Applications requiring ultra-precise roundness, concentricity, and cylindricity are well suited for Helical Expanding Cast Iron Laps. Holding tolerances on diameter size and cylindricity to the sub-micron level is routinely achieved. Tools can be made as small as .043 up to 6 inches in diameter and as long as 14 inches. Tools can be used for a wide range of materials including nonmetallic, non-ferrous, and ceramics. We can help you choose the right products and provide guidance on the best techniques for your application.

Hydraulic Components

hydraulic-1Helical Lap tools can generate dimensional stability and precise bore geometry meeting the requirements needed for exceptional accuracy and control in the most demanding servo control systems. We provide the tools that enable our customers to meet the stringent requirements for tight tolerance and matched set componentry.

Diesel Remanufacturing

Helical Laps are designed to increase the efficiency of your lapping process combined with process repeatability and quality. We can provide a cost effective solution to help you stay competitive when alternative machining methods are too expensive or incapable of achieving the required tolerances.

Please contact us for any information you require on Helical Lap solutions for your manufacturing needs.

OMG: TSI-TSX Series Adjustable Twin MultiSpindle Heads







The OMG adjustable Multi Spindle Heads TSI and TSX Series come with two parallel or convergent spindles that are especially suitable to mill and to chamfer gear teeth. Special care has been taken with the spindles bearing layout to withstand difficult machining conditions. The result is a solid, compact and reliable unit.

The adjustable multispindle heads TSI and TSX series have many different features: Aluminium body, Cast Iron spindle support, simple and easy to adjust by the operator.

The spindles may turn in the same direction or in apposite direction and the adjustment of both spindles is achieved thanks to a single act. The tool connection may be cylindrical shank or with spring collets. The lubrication is by long life grease. The production of the twin adjustable multispindle head is made possible by the experience acquired in the construction of multispindle heads, production process knowledge and know how to cater for individual requirements with qualified products.

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HORN: New Supermini HP Geometry + Holder Systems

New Supermini HP and Holder Systems

The new HP geometry for SuperMini is suitable for drilling, boring, face turning and skimming. The new cutting geometry enables shorter machining times due to higher cutting depths. As well as the new geometries, Horn has developed a new holder system for the Supermini type 105. In addition to high repeatability when changing inserts, this results in a higher holding force of the insert and therefore a high rigidity of the overall system.



Please contact us for more information on the new Supermini HP geometry and the new Supermini holding systems.